Why Should I Invest In SEO?
Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is perhaps the single most vital aspect of your marketing strategy. Successful SEO services make your website visible and generate higher traffic, yielding more opportunities for conversion. You can invest in a stunning, unparalleled webpage that captures the attention of your audience. However, if you have not considered SEO, very few buyers will click their way to this amazing page, rendering all your painstaking marketing efforts obsolete. High-quality SEO ensures that your web page will appear on the top first recommended results whenever a potential buyer enters a specific keyword into a search engine. SEO increases your website’s credibility over the search engine and results in higher traffic. The basic formula is this: more traffic = more leads = more conversions.
Why All The Fuss? Can’t I Just Do SEO Myself?

Of course, you can. There is tons of readily available information on the web, and some very nifty “how-to guides.” But reading how to do it and actually doing it are two very different things. Think of it this way: Can everybody install a new faucet? Sure thing. Will the faucet perfectly work with no leaks? Not so sure. Maybe yes, maybe no. 

The bottom line is this. You can certainly do SEO yourself, but if you want to increase your website’s organic traffic as soon as possible and see your conversion rates soar, you might want to leave the task at the hands of our SEO wizards.

Why Should I Outsource My SEO?

SEO is a dynamic, ongoing process that needs a multidisciplinary team to get it just right. Our team of SEO services includes experts across a range of marketing-related fields:  web development and design, content formation, and digital marketing. 

Outsource your SEO at Direct SEO and rest assured that we have everything you need, and people with the skills you need, under one roof.

I Am Only A Small Business. Do I Need To Invest In SEO?

Big or small, old or new, the cut-throat competition in the world of marketing remains the same. If you are a small or new business, it is especially vital to invest in SEO. Marketing today is by and large digital, and you need to make your presence visible online. 

Without SEO, your webpage will not appear in the top first results of search engines. Ultimately, it will get lost and tangled in the web. Without organic traffic, you cannot expect to convert, and without SEO, you cannot expect organic traffic. 

SEO is not only necessary but mandatory if you want to attract your niche specific audience.

Our services are safe and 100% ethical, so if you are a small or new business that has never done SEO before, you can trust us to do the work for you.

What SEO Strategy Can I Expect From You?

You can expect only the absolute best from us. Our team of SEO experts are well versed in the latest SEO algorithms and are up to date with ever-changing SEO trends. We are passionate about what we do and the best at how we do it. SEO is our job, and we make sure that we use the best strategy to bring your website to the highest level of a search engine’s results page. We do white-hat SEO, making sure that your website’s organic traffic increases daily.

Should I Worry About Google Penalties?
Absolutely not! Direct SEO uses only white-hat SEO techniques, so you should not worry about Google penalties. We work closely together with all our clients and hold frequent meetings to keep you updated on our progress and efforts. Our clients are fully informed of the transparent and ethical SEO techniques used, so you should not be worried about unexpected penalties coming your way.
How Long Does SEO Really Take To Start Working?

Marketing strategies take time to show results because they primarily have to deal with the human element of trust. You have to convince your buyers to trust you and your product. Trust takes time to build, but only seconds to fall apart. Expecting results too soon is unrealistic and can be detrimental to your marketing campaign leading you to quit too early. 

SEO is a long-term activity that needs constant revisiting and readjustment. Therefore, when working on SEO, you should allow at least six months to experience the full benefit of our work. As a result, we offer a minimum term on all SEO service packages of 6 months.

What Packages Do You Offer?
No two businesses are alike or have the same needs. Therefore, our SEO experts evaluate your business and come up with the ideal package tailored to your specific needs. When it comes to doing business, no matter the package you choose, our end goal is this: get your webpage on the first results page of any given search engine.
When Should I Expect SEO To Help My Webpage Climb Results?

SEO is a long-term process and a work in continuous progress. How fast you can see results depends on numerous factors. If you are operating in a competitive market, it might take longer to see the results. However, if your product is unique with no previous SEO work done, you can expect results within days. 

We can’t predict the exact time frame you will experience increased traffic. What we do promise, however, is that with our SEO services, you can see your website’s traffic increase little by little each day until it climbs to the top results.

SEO Is Working, And My Page Is On Top. Will It Stay This Way?

SEO is a dynamic process that depends on so many factors beyond our control. For example, we cannot control the success of your competitor’s website or the continuous relevance of your keywords. One cannot guarantee the top spot on the search results page permanently without any extra work. 

However, we do promise to continuously adjust our SEO to keep your webpage at the top. Our SEO experts devote a lot of time and energy researching the latest developments in the SEO marketing arena and ensure that they are on top of the newest Google search algorithms. 

Because, unlike others, we do not rest on our laurels. We tirelessly work to serve you and your business. 

Can I Track My Success?

You can track your success by a simple keyword search in any search engine. Search multiple keywords and see where your webpage ranks on the results page. 

Moreover, we request our SEO specialists to conduct monthly reports on each SEO marketing strategy’s relevant success and share their findings with our clients.

Where Can We Find You?

The world wide web knows no physical boundaries. Whereas we service a multitude of industries and help clients across the country, we are physically located in Philadelphia, PA, with offices in Denver, CO, and Austin, TX. 

We are a team of creative web designers and software developers passionate about our job and dedicated to our mission. We know that marketing is all about trust. So, trust us to get your product trusted!

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